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Vim Vixen

Vim Vixen is a Firefox add-on which allows you to easily navigate the web by keyboard. Since version 57, Firefox has migrated to the WebExtensions API and has dropped support for legacy add-ons. Vim Vixen is a new choice for Vim users since it uses the WebExtensions API.

Getting started

Install Vim Vixen

Vim Vixen is supported on Firefox 68 ESR. Please install the latest version of stable ESR from the download page. You can install Vim Vixen from Firefox add-ons (, and manage installed add-ons on Firefox preferences about:preferences.

Quick start

After installation, you can control Firefox with vim-like keymaps. To scroll a page in the browser, press k, j, h and l keys. You can scroll to the top or the bottom of a page by gg and G.

To select a left and right of current tab, use K and J respectively. To close current tab, use d and to restore closed tabs, use u.

To open a link, press f to enter the follow mode to select a link. Then you can select links by alphabetic keys.

See also Keymaps for more detailed of keymaps.

Using commands

Vim Vixen supports command line to run commands that control tabs and opens a tab. To open command line, press :.

To open a tab with URL, use open command as the following:


or search keywords with search engine (such as Google) like:

:open How to use Vim

You can see completed commands on Console commands.

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