Vim Vixen

Vim Vixen


The following descriptions are the default keymaps. You can configure keymaps in the add-on’s preferences by navigating to about:addons and selecting “Extensions”.

In the following descriptions, Ctrl+x means “press x with Ctrl”, and gx means “press g, then press x”. Some commands may be preceded by a decimal number, such as 3d deletes three tabs.


Lowercase marks ([a-z]) store the position of the current tab. Uppercase and numeric marks ([A-Z0-9]) store the position and the tab.

Select and manage tabs


See the console commands section for a more detailed description.


Vim Vixen can be configured to follow links opened in tabs in the background instead of switching to a new tab immediately. To do this, you’ll need to update the config file: change the "background" property of the "follow.start" action to true, e.g.:

    "keymaps": {
        "F": { "type": "follow.start", "newTab": true, "background": true }